Black Friday Gaming Deals - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Find out what bargains await you this #BlackFriday with our handy 'guide'. It's got links and that so it's technically a guide.

Come watch us talk about video games! 8:30PM!

NXT Takeover Houston Is Gonna Be Fucking Great, Guys - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Oh heck, not more wrestling? Find out why you should watch this lesser-known WWE show this weekend!

Who should replace Roman Reigns in The Shield? - The Fannish Announce Table

Is The Shield basically The Sugababes? Find out in our first wrestling-related video!

Who should replace Roman Reigns in The Shield? - The Fannish Announce Table

We’re popping up some content about wrestling! Here’s the first video; who should replace Roman in The Shield?

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Join us! Tonight! 8:30! For a live podcast! It’s a bit like a panel show, but about games. With us. And not on telly

We've got some news about the podcast... - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Guys... We've got some news about the podcast. And we're really excited. Keep your Thursdays free, and send us some questions.

Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Venture into The Frozen Wilds with Aloy in Guerrilla Games’ excellent add-on to Horizon Zero Dawn!

Xbox One X Launch Week: The 5 W's - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

It's #XboxOneX release week so we've done a write up of the who's and what's of Microsoft's new console.

Elgato Gaming 4K60 Pro releases this month - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

At the end of this month you’ll be able to capture 4K 60fps game footage with the Elgato 4K60 Pro!

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En vogue! Andy reviewed Rogue Trooper Redux for us

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Start your day with BJ!

BJ Blazkowicz, that is. Here’s our VIDEO review of Wolfenstein 2!

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review

Fancy checking out what tickles Ben about South Park: The Fractured But Whole? Our video review is here!

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

If you’re goin’ down to South Park, you’ll want to read our Fractured But Whole Review first

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review

Here’s Jonny talking to/at you about Shadow of War, but this time in a video!

The Evil Within 2 Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

The Evil has landed! Have a read of our review of TheEvil Within 2 right here

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Drake my Day! We reviewed Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on PS4

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Good dog? Our boy Andy reviewed Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on PS4

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Orc-ham Asylum? It’s our Shadow of War review, everyone!

Check out this link

Go hands-on with PlayStation VR at the PlayStation UK "Live the Game" Tour. Find out dates and locations here!

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Ooooh, dragons and that! Here’s our review of Shadow of War, everyone

WWE 2K18 Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

ITS ALL ABOUT THA GAME! AND HOW YOU PLAY IT! That’s right, it’s our review of WWE2K18!

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Our boy Matt had a look at that Stardew Valley release on Switch and yes, it is good

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Harvest boon! We reviewed Stardew Valley on Switch, guys

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

More like BAM!bi, right? Here’s our review of The Hunter: Call of the Wild


If anyone fancies checking out some Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay, and of course TOP BANTZ, check out at about 8pm tonight - We'll be streaming it live!

We’re going to stream Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s story mode at half eight. See, Monday isn’t that bad.

People talk about Fortnite ripping off PUBG yet no one has mentioned how one of the taunt soundtracks is basically Faith by George Michael

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