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ICYMI, our boy Andy got his hands on Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch, everyone http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/pokken-tournament-dx-review/

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Have a Pika at our review of Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch, everyone http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/pokken-tournament-dx-review/

Super Mega Expert Geniuses of PES 2018

You may think you’re good at PES2018, but are you as good as our resident expert PES players!?

(Probably, yes)


Windjammers Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Did you ever wish games of frisbee were just a bit more aggressive? http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/windjammers-review/

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review

ICYMI, here’s that video review of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle again y’all https://youtu.be/nRbna6JPkYU

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 1 Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Long game titles aren’t twitter friendly. Anyhow, here’s our Life Is Strange Before The Storm Episode 1 Awake review http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/life-strange-storm-episode-1-review/

L.A. Noire releasing November 14th - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

L.A. Noire is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One this November. Find out all the deets here!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Should you buy Mario+Rabbids?

Yeah, probably.

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold September games - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Check out next months PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold games. It's a good haul this time around! http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/playstation-plus-xbox-live-gold-september-games/

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Got a spare minute or two? Here’s what our guest writer @jakkujessica has to say about companions in games http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/companions-in-videogames/

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Make it your Rez-olution to check out our new review of Rez Infinite on PC http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/rez-infinite-pc-review/

‪Bank holidays were actually created so bankers could have more time playing videogames #themoreyouknow

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review (PS4 Pro Footage)

It’s Sunday, so after church and tea with the vicar why not take in our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy video review? https://youtu.be/io6SfefNglM

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Right, turns out it’s #NationalDogDay so here is our mascot, the horrendously adorable Next-Gen Gaming Dog (and his owner, I suppose)

Nintendo 3DS XL SNES Edition - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

We’re all still feeling pretty ‘jazzed’ about that new 3DS, guys.... http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/nintendo-3ds-xl-snes-edition/

Destiny 2 Giveaway!

Want to win a copy of Destiny 2?! Go here and you could do JUST THAT! https://gleam.io/8OuZ6/destiny-2-giveaway

A Podcast, you say? How about PODCAST 100! Give it a listen, there's tons of PES talk, as well as the chance for YOU to win a FREE copy of Destiny 2! And everyone likes free things, right? http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/podcast-100-whats-neymar-pokemon/

E3 2017 Archives - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

In case you've missed any of the big announcements from E3 2017, we've got you covered right here! All the trailers, announcements and everything in-between! http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/category/E3-2017/

NextGenGamingBlog - Twitch

If anyone is still up - We're streaming the PlayStation press conference right here - http://twitch.tv/nextgengamingblog

NextGenGamingBlog - Twitch

http://twitch.tv/nextgengamingblog - We're live with the Xbox Press Conference! Come Join us!!

Wipeout Omega Collection - PRESS KIT UNBOXING!

Sony sent us a *REALLY* Shiny envelope, with a *REALLY* shiny press kit inside! Check it out!


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Who wants a FREE GAME!? I mean we all do, right? Well go to our twitter page, follow the instructions on this here tweet (which you'll find pinned to the top of our timeline) and BOOM! You're in with a shot.

‪NEW PODCAST! We discuss videogames, otters and whether we need to destroy the sun or not. On iTunes and that


Do you have QUESTIONS? Questions about LIFE!? Well I don’t care, but I do care if you have questions about VIDEOGAMES for our PODCAST

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BAD NEWS: Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed to Spring 2018.

GOOD NEWS: We got some new screenshots. And they are PUUUUUURDY!

HEY YOU GUYS! Lego Dimensions Wave 8 Review - The Goonies! Harry Potter & Lego City


We checked out the latest Lego Dimensions wave for review - It's got the Goonies in it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NPh0YFH7lE

We're podcasting tonight! Send us your questions - and we shall answer them! It'll probably be very PES-heavy this week due to the PES2018 news!

Puyo Puyo Tetris Review/Multiplayer Gameplay - This game is INSANE!

We started playing Puyo Puyo Tetris, and all was going pretty well. Then Jonny started ranting about PETA and Brexit. Oh well! https://t.co/qeKjIJcoLq

Podcast 91 - Say a Prey-er for Mario Kart - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Running late but sounding great? Here's our delayed podcast! Alternatively, search for us on iTunes and that.


Right it's a bit late in the evening I know but wake up guys, we need questions for our podcast tomorrow

NGBDD - Star Wars Battlefront II & Namco Museum

We're changing up the way we do news slightly! All of us at NGB do this alongside full time jobs - so putting out multiple news posts a day gets a bit tricky. Our newest dude Kieran is here to solve that! Taking the best stories of the day and smooshing them all together into the #NGBDD! (NGB Daily Digest)

Let us know your thoughts on the new format, and spread the word!


Remember the new External Drive feature with the PS4? Turns out it's *insanely* quick with ADATA's new external SSD! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qTlz61F6fM

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