Our stream of #FortniteBR will take place on that there old YouTube in roughly an hour. Be there or be not there. But be there.

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We'll be streaming the new 20v20v20v20v20 mode on #FortniteBattleRoyale this evening (8:30 pm GMT) so come have a watch if you fancy it.

Check back later for links and stuff.

Gameblast 2018 - The Winners!! - Next-Gen Gaming Blog


If you did - check out this post to see if you won one of our amazing giveaways! If you did, get in touch and we'll get your goodies out to you as soon as we can - THANK YOU for helping us raise an incredible £1,612 for SpecialEffect!!! And once again, a massive thank you to Lucy Vixen for coming along and getting involved with everything, it was an absolute blast! <3

Board Game Night - Luchador!

Hey, we sometimes play board games as well as screen games. Here’s one that has wrestling in it!

Next-Gen Gaming Blog - Another Kitana Media Network site

If written reviews is what you seek, our website is the place to peek

Andy likes Dark Souls 3. Andy wants you to like Dark Souls 3, too

Ready for Bloodborne to drop on PS+ this month? Here’s what you might be in for...

Gravel Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

You got gravelled! Read our review of the new racer here


Bounce over to ‘the Youtube’ to see all our latest stuff, including the epic GameBlast stream with Lucy V

Horizon Zero Dawn is one year old and it's time to celebrate - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Horizon Zero Dawn is one year old and to celebrate there is a merchandise sale over at PlayStation Gear. Everything HZD is on sale including t-shirts, POP! Vinyls and artwork. Why not have a mosey over and pick up a treat!

Two Point Hospital Developer Gameplay - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Check out this new Two Point Hospital gameplay with dev commentary. It’s good, we promise.

Gameblast - Part 6!

It's the final part of GameBlast! We're all very sleepy. Please send help. And caffeine.

Gameblast - Part 5!

Gameblast part 5! Let's see the next 4 hours through!

Gameblast 2018 Part 4!

Super Hot VR kicks off part four of the GameBlast extravaganza!!!

Gameblast Part 3!

Part 3 of Gameblast is here!!!

Gameblast Part 2!

Gameblast Part 2!

Gameblast 2018

Gameblast! We're live again, following a sliiiight technical mishap. Join in! to donate!

GameBlast 2018!!!

It's GameBlast time!! Join the guys and Lucy Collett to play some games for 24 hours!!!

Urban Trial Playground coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Urban Trial Playground is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch in April! It's Trials meets Californian Coast and it looks like a perfect fit for Ninty's console.

Read NGB's story

Check out the latest two additions to the giveaway pool for GameBlast!! Two EPIC press kits from PlayStation UK - Bloodborne and GT Sport! Money can't buy these, but you could win them - donate £5 to SpecialEffect at to be in with a chance!!

BBC iPlayer on Twitter

This is why we're doing GameBlast next weekend - we want to make sure gaming is accessible to everyone! Make sure you give what you can - you could end up with some cool stuff (a full list will be live later!!)

Test Stream for sending to multiple places at once

Testing Facebook Live with Super Hot!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Review in Progress - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Does Kingdom Come deliver? We’ve got our review in progress right here:

Games with Gold February 2018 lineup - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

It's February and that means two things. 1) It's my Birthday this month (KM) #socialmediatakeover and 2) it's time for more free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers!!!

PlayStation Plus February 2018 line-up - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

It's a new month and that means it's time for a new wave of PlayStation Plus freebies!

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Review - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Shadow of the Colossus makes its way to the PS4 with a STUNNING remake from Bluepoint Games - Check out our review and YouTube content for it right here!

It's nearly the weekend and with it comes a ridiculous amount of game releases.
Dragon Ball Fighter Z (PS4, XO)
Monster Hunter World (PS4, XO)
Railway Empire (PC, PS4, XO)
Axiom Verge (PS4, NS)
Rocket League (NS (Physical edition))
Happy hunting/fighting/railing/rocketsporting

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The Binding of Isaac: AfterBirth+ makes its way onto the PlayStation 4 today.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Review

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The prequel to Until Dawn - The Inpatient - is out today on PSVR.

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Lost Sphear is out today for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Details - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Friendly reminder that the Sea of Thieves closed beta begins this Wednesday!

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Press Kit Unboxing

Check out the gorgeous Press Kit for the Shadow of the Colossus remake on PS4! Big thanks to Sony for sending this one through - review and let's play series coming next week!

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Games released this week
Lost Sphear (PS4, NS)

The Inpatient (PS4)

The Binding of Isaac: AfterBirth+ (PS4)

Dragon Ball Fighter Z (PS4, XO)
Monster Hunter World (PS4, XO)
Railway Empire (PC, PS4, XO)
Axiom Verge (PS4, NS)
Rocket League (NS)

The First Women’s Royal Rumble: F.A.T. Predicts - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Bit of wrestling for the morning, sir? NGB’s graps fans have compiled their predictions for the first women’s Royal Rumble!

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For the third year in a row, we're taking part in GameBlast - A phenomenal event for an amazing charity, and this year, we're delighted to say that we're going to be joined, live and in person, by the WONDERFUL Lucy Collett for our marathon 24 hour Live Stream at the end of February! Check out for more information - and help us raise a ton of money for disabled gamers across the UK.

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Two things about Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory.
1) It's got a lengthy title.
2) It's out today for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

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Death Mark is out today for PlayStation 4.
Nintendo Switch owners can expect to see a version in the coming months.

What’s going to happen in 2018!? We’ve got you covered with our predictions for what’s what this year in videogames

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World to the West is out today on Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Labo mixes cardboard and gaming for the ultimate creative experience - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Nintendo announced last night a brand-new experience for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Labo mixes cardboard creations with gaming in a truly unique way.

Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Details - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

Find all the information you'd ever need to know about the Sea of Thieves beta, like ever!

Nintendo Direct 11/01/2018 - Next-Gen Gaming Blog

#ICYMI The first Nintendo Direct took place on Thursday last week and brought with it some exciting news for Ninty fans.

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Gintama Rumble is out today for PlayStation 4.

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